Camp options

1. My House

Exciting news!

A perfect gift to give to your loved ones is here! This project is perfect for children and adults of all ages. This is a great learning opportunity and it crosses many disciplines. Writers create rough drafts, designers build prototypes, artists dash out sketches, and architects imagine great big buildings using blueprints. The sky is the limit in the ways you can customize your space. Details here:


2. School`s out camp

Unleash your imagination and step in the world of Legendary Harry Potter!

Art camp 

Monday, 2nd April

5 to 13 years old - 8:00am to 5:00pm  

Topics covered during this camp

Harry Potter art
Make your own wand
Learn magic tricks
Make magic potion


3. Spring Break Camp

Flora and Fauna Art Camp

Art | Drama, 15th March to 19th March

5 to 12 years old - 8:00am to 5:00pm 

Camp fee (supplies included)

***Early Bird Discount!! 10% off if you register by 1st March***

Ignite your creativity this spring break. Inspired by nature, this camp will focus on learning to draw / paint flowers and animals in various different medium. Campers will also be working on a skit throughout the week and will showcase their dramatic skills on the last day of the camp, in front of friends and family.

Mediums covered are acrylic, shading pencils, pastels, watercolor, digital art and mixed media.


Monday- Rose and dragon fly

Tuesday- Tulips and Owls

Wednesday- Magnolia and Elephant

Thursday- Sunflower and Lion

Friday- Lily and Turtle




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