Summer Camp options

We are happy to announce that we have 2 different options for your child to attend summer camp this year.

1. Summer Camp 2020, (Art|Dance|Drama)

Stillwater`s best camp for Kids. The spots get filled up rather quickly and our students keep returning to this fun camp. You can opt for one week or all 10 weeks of camp.Each week we have a different theme and all the art work is done based on that theme. Topics covered during the weeks of the camp are: Basic principles of Art,Drawing techniques, Acrylic on canvas, Fabric painting, Introduction to oil painting, Hands on sculpture, Get acquainted with some of the Master artists of all times, 3D Art / Crafts, Print making, Origami, Bollywood dance and fun facts about India and Indian language (Hindi), Introduction to drama class, Fun games focused on building self confidence, Bouncy castle fun.

Register your kid for on premises Summer Camp here.


2.Virtual Art camp

At Virtual Art Camp, kids learn through LIVE INTERACTION  with each other and their teacher on secure Stillyarts video platform. Classes are open to kids ANYWHERE!

10 weeks of Camp from 25th May to 7th August for 5 to 13 years old (9:30am to 10:30am), video recording available for each week. You can choose one week or multiple weeks. We will focus on one topic each week and campers will be guided step by step to create a masterpiece. For example the week one focus is "Flowers", which will introduce campers to visual techniques that make drawing flowers rewarding and fun. Each day they will learn to draw a different flower and get introduced to ways of rendering to make a life like drawing.

Register your kid for Virtual Art Camp here.


3. My House!

Exciting news!

This Summer we have a wonderful activity to inspire creativity. This project is perfect for children and adults of all ages. This is a great learning opportunity and it crosses many disciplines. Writers create rough drafts, designers build prototypes, artists dash out sketches, and architects imagine great big buildings using blueprints. The sky is the limit in the ways you can customize your space. Details here:


Please contact us by email, text or phone if you need any more information. We promise to provide best service at the best of our ability.

Camp enrollment

  • Posted on: 12 June 2018
  • By: neha
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